Hurtubise is synonymous with unwavering skill, passion, and creation of tailored high‑quality products.


Revolutionizing commercial exterior siding… and the whole building envelope.

In terms of production, Hurtubise is quickly establishing itself as an elite manufacturer of multiple facade and substructure products dedicated to commercial, industrial, and institutional building envelopes.


Bringing responsibility and profitability on an equal footing.

In each of our production specialties, from manufacturing our various aluminum panels, to granite transformation, and everything in between, we strive to choose the greenest processes possible, to establish enduring partnerships with suppliers who support the local economy.

Through research and innovation, as well as imaginative use of existing technology, we hope to create a vibrant and profitable market while always respecting both our environment and our workforce.


Respect. Appreciation. Vision.

Starting with these three core values elevates many aspects of any work environment and lays solid foundations for both product quality and personnel excellence. By inference, these values encompass many more indispensable qualities such as service, quality, synergy, and ecology.

Through the years, these qualities became the essence of our company’s culture and apply to every member of our ever-growing family. Every program we create towards the hiring and growth of our staff is developed keeping these values in mind.


Hurtubise’s history is both a long and a short one. And it’s also a little bit complicated… That’s what makes a good story, though, isn’t it?

At its inception, Hurtubise was founded by a lifelong woodworker who decided that he wanted to take control of his professional life, choose whom he would work with, in what conditions, at what pace, etc. His goal was also to only create high quality products for people who understood the time and care it needed, and who would appreciate and understand both the process and the result.

When the current administration bought the company, every party involved knew that woodworking would not be a part of the brand anymore. In fact, to an outside observer, only the name would remain. However, that is not quite true. When ownership changed from father-in-law to son-in-law, the whole philosophy remained!

Today, Hurtubise is, at first glance, a manufacturer of building envelope siding systems. But underneath it all, we are a company deeply committed to our employees’ successes and work-life balance. We want to create a community of colleagues who have each other’s backs and who know they can count on us, as we count on them.

In the future, we will keep the ball rolling through eco-responsible product creation. In addition, we want to be active participants in solving our customers’ recurrent issues by taking a leading role in the adoption of new technologies for the construction industry.