Hurtubise is synonymous with unwavering skill, passion, and creation of tailored high‑quality products.

Our team

There can be no success without a great team. It is a cliché, no question about that, but it’s also a universal truth. We are unbelievably grateful that our team is filled with passionate, volunteer, knowledgeable, professional, dedicated, nice, funny, all-around great people without whom none of our goals could be achieved. And all their talent and expertise are at your fingertips when you choose to partner with us!

Josée Comeau

Sales Manager

Timothy Bryant

Technical Sales Representative

Claudia-Anne Lorenz-Leclaire, Ing.

Vice President of Operations

Luc Comeau

Maintenance Director

Melanie Chauvette

Production Coordinator

Kevin Deslauriers

Production Supervisor

Luc Saint-Germain

Production Supervisor

Gabriel Saint-Germain

Production Supervisor

Hugo Roy

Production Supervisor

Ibrahim Ibnoualmouttalib, ing.

Senior Plant Engineer

Audrey Lefebvre

Quality Control Manager

Justin Lemay, Ing.

R&D Engineer

Xavier Breton

Project Manager – Product Development

Sébastien Hamel

R&D Project Manager

Sarah Pellerin

R&D Project Manager 

Vincent Roy

R&D Project Manager

Martin Crevier


Pier-Yves Larochelle Brulotte


Juan Camilo Capera


Mahdi Messouli


Damien Thomas


Sabrina St Germain


Me Jonathan Lespérance-Desnoyers, Notary

Director of Research and Development, Intellectual Property and Legal Affairs

Karen Côté

Legal Affairs Assistant

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