Aluminum Extrusions

Preparing and customizing your substructure in the same facility as your siding, allow us to provide turnkey services as well as increased quality control, since our highly qualified team can perform quality checks on the whole system.

A fundamental element for your commercial exterior siding

Extrusions are as important to exterior siding panels as foundations are to any building worth the name: absolutely indispensable! 

Indeed, once installed, extrusions form a frame (somewhat like a skeleton), anchored on the external walls of your building, and become both a base and a guide for your chosen panels’ installation. These extrusions alone also provide optimal ventilation, an ideal runoff space to prevent water from accumulating behind the protective barrier formed by the siding panels, as well as enough flexibility for the materials to expand and contract over the seasons.

As a manufacturer of custom-made siding materials, we are well aware that your chosen substructure must also be tailored to plans and specifications. Which is why we offer a personalized cutting and preparation service for any and all extrusions needed to complete your project.

Aluminum Extrusions: A Simplified Process

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Plan Design

In order to ensure compliance with your existing plans or specifications, our team of aluminum panel specialists can design your shop and technical drawings upon request.

Order Taking

Our online portal allows you to visualize each part you order in real time, minimizing the potential for mistakes. In addition, our customer portal’s direct order processing system allows for a much faster production launch!

On-site Delivery

Simple, fast and without intermediaries! With our direct delivery service, you can choose the precise moment when you wish to receive your custom cut panels, all pre-sorted and identified by section, straight to your building site.


Our aluminum panels, specifically created to become outdoor siding, have been tested and proven to be durable, resistant, easy to maintain and quick to install!

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Thanks to our direct customer portal, you keep control over your order at all times. It allows you to update your schedule, delivery dates, hour, and order of arrival at the site in addition to being a transactional platform where you can manage payments!

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