Hurtubise is always looking for new talent to join our ranks!

Being a company centred on innovation and durability, we have a plethora of job opportunities covering a wide range of qualifications and interests from management to human resources, to accounting, sales, research and development, engineering, mechanics, production, and more.

But that’s not all. Hurtubise has made it its internal mission to create the best working environment for its employees, and that includes providing them with extraordinary services aimed at improving work-life balance. These also create many job opportunities in various sectors such as cooking and childcare.

Corporate Culture

To our great delight, Hurtubise is growing well and fast. We can attribute this success to two main reasons: the quality of our products for our customers, and the healthy work environment we always strive to create for our workforce. At Hurtubise, you can always expect respect and appreciation, two of our core values, to apply to every employee on our roster.

As one of our team members, you’ll have access to many services such as our lunch cafeteria which provides quality meals to our staff every day.

We also offer many professional development programs, and all suggestions are welcome! Further education is not only an asset to us, but a priority to keep you and us both motivated and relevant in our field!

Knowing how finding a good work-life-leisure balance is primordial to productivity and longevity, we offer many solutions which can be personalized to fit your unique profile. This also applies to any special situation life can throw at us such as sickness or urgent family issues. When in need our Human Resources Department is there to support you.

Open positions

There are no open positions for now