Granite Exterior Siding

Our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced team allow us to take advantage of this natural stone’s durability, while exploring all the creative options it contains as a reliable siding material.

Treat yourself to a natural stone siding

Natural stone offers multiple advantages for exterior siding by virtue of its almost eternal lifespan coupled with great versatility!

Having been in use for many years, granite evokes prestige and grandeur, while being a very familiar element in our collective memory. The latest cutting and design technical advances allow us to emphasize this familiar feeling, while offering a wide range of modern and creative options, using shaping and layouts to create unparalleled custom patterns. 

Although some types of granite must be imported, we are fortunate enough to have several active quarries in our province! Thus, in addition to being an ecological product by its origin and extended useful lifespan, this choice allows us to take advantage of our immediate resources.


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In order to ensure compliance with your existing plans or specifications, our team of natural stone specialists can design your shop and technical drawings upon request.

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Our online portal allows you to visualize each part you order in real time, minimizing the potential for mistakes. In addition, our customer portal’s direct order processing system allows for a much faster production launch!

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Simple, fast and without intermediaries! With our direct delivery service, you can choose the precise moment when you wish to receive your custom cut panels, all pre-sorted and identified by section, straight to your building site.


We source the highest quality granite to ensure that your siding will deliver the durability and longevity it has been known to, for hundreds of years.

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