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Aluminum: Our Material of Choice
Like us, you are probably aware that the new building codes, which will soon come into force, calls on us to broaden our visions to include the promotion of a greener future. We are proud to stand at the forefront of this ecologically driven movement thanks to our ever-improving processes!

One of our notable advantages stems directly from the use of aluminum, now recognized as a low carbon footprint material. Moreover, it is enhanced with an electrostatic powder coating that is both more durable and greener than paints.

We have no intention of stopping there! In fact, we already know that, in the near future, we’ll be able to upcycle old panels using only the hydraulic energy that is so readily available in our province. This technique will allow us to create totally new products. Such certainty encourages us push forward with trials and research in this direction.

We believe that these small gestures, combined with other actions within our manufacturing sector, are what will allow us to contribute to the improvement of our environment.

In addition to its advantages for the planet, aluminum allows us to design different facades and create noble, creative or even colourful looks. And all of that, with little investment and little maintenance. To top it all off, our unique expedited and customized on-site delivery service greatly simplifies the many steps leading up to the actual installation. Request a quote now to meet your short- and long-term needs!