Hurtubise is synonymous with unwavering skill, passion, and creation of tailored high-quality products.

Beginning With a Bang
Everything is in place, last corrections have been made, team members are well established, engines are heated, and all the bells and whistles are running perfectly… Finally, our new plant is 100% operational!

It is with an equal share of confidence and excitement that we begin this year with the next step in our dazzling plan to conquer the world (all the while staying professional, friendly, and collaborative, not to worry!) Since our new home has allowed us to increase our production capacity exponentially, we look forward to receiving your new orders, meeting new partners, and continuing our foray to serve our neighbours in Ontario, New Brunswick and beyond!To this aim, we are preparing to launch new products, innovative techniques, and exciting projects throughout the year, as well as many surprises that will delight you just as much as us. Stay tuned!

While waiting for all these revelations, we invite you to come discover our existing products and services all readily available on our website, where you will discover, among other things, our revolutionary delivery service! By ordering from Hurtubise, you not only get the possibility of direct delivery to your worksite in two weeks, but also gain access to our fully customized sorting and preparation service, where we make sure that all pieces are cut-to-measure and accurately identified and packaged by floor, and even wall sections. Forget about long hours of “preparation” separating and redistributing boxes from various pallets, or “playing Tetris®” with pieces to recreate the planned design!

This is one of the many solutions Hurtubise intends to craft and deploy to save you time and money, but, above all, to simplify your life through simple, effective and collaborative processes.

With all these optimistic avenues in mind, we wish you a wonderful year 2022, health … and everything your grandmother would wish on your life!