Hurtubise is the gold standard when it comes to commercial siding production. Our 100% recyclable products are easily integrated into your projects, and are entirely compatible with building life expectancy optimization targets.

Our manufacturing process is streamlined from raw material reception to on-site delivery and every piece of siding is inspected and quality checked at multiple points during production. With our ever-greener practices and our incredible team behind us, we’re incredibly proud to provide complete and responsible manufacturing services for all your panelling needs.


Beyond their modern appearance or remarkable durability, our aluminum panels have been designed specifically to promote proper water evacuation and optimal air ventilation to keep your building healthy for years to come.


Aluminum boards provide a classic horizontal or vertical look which is both reassuring and timeless! Manufactured in one of two types of production processes, our boards deliver the same high quality water evacuation and air ventilation as our various panels.

Natural Stone Siding

Natural stone siding holds multiple benefits thanks to its quasi-eternal life cycle combined with an impressive versatility! Moreover, the fact that many of our granite products can be sourced through local quarries helps us greatly with both quality control and supply delays.

Made in Canada

Whether through technological advances or because of a need for energy efficiency imposed by international and governmental organizations, the construction industry is in constant transformation.

By manufacturing our products locally, with local materials, we are already reducing our global ecological footprint, but we’re not stopping there! We are proudly working on various innovations, building on our acquired expertise, to join in our community’s efforts to move the market towards an increasingly eco‑responsible future.

Beyond our ecological considerations, we are also lucky enough that the raw materials we have access to locally are of undeniable quality! Hence, these awesome products, combined with the exemplary work of our local suppliers, and with the knowledge, expertise and exceptional creativity of our experienced team, allow us to generate significant benefits to any project we are involved in.

Our extensive field experience all over Québec, as well as that of our various partners and customer installers, has allowed us to compile a wealth of information on the extreme conditions our products are faced with in our harsh climate. This is one of the biggest challenges for local builders.

Today, this data allows us to better target calculations and laboratory tests needed to simulate our beautiful country’s weather variations. Therefore, our final products are not only the best in the market, but designed specifically to meet our market’s unique constraints.