Hurtubise is the gold standard when it comes to commercial siding production. Our 100% recyclable products are easily integrated into your projects, and are entirely compatible with building life expectancy optimization targets.

Aluminium boards

Divided in two categories, namely folded aluminum, and extruded aluminum boards, both of these siding solutions are manufactured with the same amount of care and professionalism as every product transiting through our facilities.

Folded boards

Classic boards made from high quality aluminum sheets folded in the shape of a plank, which is always much longer than wide (as opposed to panels) and can usually be installed either lengthwise or widthwise.

Our classic aluminum planks are folded on our own top-of-the-line robotic assembly line, before being pre-pierced (whenever appropriate), and sent through our powder-coating line where your chosen colour will be promptly applied, cured, and quality checked.


Siding Board for Drained and Back Ventilated Rainscreen Systems

SH-13 is a durable aluminum architectural board, which can be installed both vertically and horizontally.

Extruded boards

Also made from the best quality aluminum, these boards are moulded from one unique piece through the process of extrusion. This technique produces an incredibly sturdy cladding solution, with fewer joints than most profiles thus reducing water infiltration risks organically!


Siding Board for Drained and Back Ventilated Rainscreen Systems

SH-09 is a plank-like siding entirely designed out of ultra-strong extruded aluminum and, as its name suggests, is moulded out of a single piece of metal, without any folding, giving it a distinctive look and texture.

Ecological powder coating

To enhance both the performance and appearance of all our aluminium siding, we have built our very own proprietary powder coating line which allows us to apply one of the most ecological and resistant color treatments on the market.

Personalized Support

First, once you start a project with us, you will have a single contact assigned for the duration of our collaboration. This will allow us to build a stable relationship with you, to better evaluate your needs and answer your questions.

Easy Ordering and Delivery

Our online portal allows you to visualize each part you order in real time, minimizing the potential for mistakes. By using our powder coating pre-order service, you could see your order delivered to your work site only two weeks after providing us with your final measurements!