Hurtubise is the gold standard when it comes to commercial siding production. Our 100% recyclable products are easily integrated into your projects, and are entirely compatible with building life expectancy optimization targets.

Natural stone siding

Natural stone siding holds multiple benefits thanks to its quasi-eternal life cycle combined with an impressive versatility! Moreover, the fact that many of our granite products can be sourced through local quarries helps us greatly with both quality control and supply delays.

Granite Panels

Siding Panel for Drained and Back Ventilated Rainscreen Systems

Having been in use for many years, granite evokes prestige and grandeur, while being a very familiar element in our collective memory. The latest cutting and design technical advances allow us to emphasize this familiar feeling, while offering a wide range of modern and creative options, using shaping and layouts to create unparalleled custom patterns.

Personalized Support

First, once you start a project with us, you will have a single contact assigned for the duration of our collaboration. This will allow us to build a stable relationship with you, to better evaluate your needs and answer your questions.

On-site Delivery

Simple, fast and without intermediaries! With our direct delivery service, you can choose the precise moment when you’ll receive your custom cut, sorted, and identified order.