At the risk of sounding very cliché, we are only too aware that images are worth much more than words. We are proud to see our products in their natural habitat, installed by the masters who work for our ever-faithful customers. Here are some of their masterpieces, featuring some of ours!

Magellan Condominiums

Completed in :

April 2021

Siding :

SH-01, SH-03

Location :


Solar Uniquartier is one of the most ambitious multi-purpose residential and commercial projects in the province of Quebec. Their ambition to revolutionize the way neighbourhoods are designed, built and lived in is one we are very excited about! We are incredibly happy that they chose us to outfit residential projects for all phases of their impressive Magellan complex. For these projects, the design teams at Devimco Immobilier chose various aluminum panels and boards from our SH collection, namely the SH-01 and SH-03.