Working with Hurtubise means being assured that your commercial, institutional or industrial construction project will be completed efficiently! To that end, we have created a wide range of services (standard and optional) to support you with all aspects of your project from its inception, to construction, and after its completion.

Competitive and Efficient Pricing

Each project is submitted to a thorough evaluation so that we anticipate and negotiate challenges successfully. From budget restructuring linked to pandemic and economic perturbations to obtaining a specific colour shade, we are committed to meet your every demand!

Easy Order

Our online portal allows you to visualize each part you order in real time, minimizing the potential for mistakes. With this new solution, you always keep control over your order, from ordering samples to final delivery. In addition, our customer portal’s direct order processing system allows for a much faster production launch!

Two-Week Quick Delivery

By using our powder coating pre-order service, you could see your order delivered to your work site only two weeks after providing us with your final measurements!

On Site Delivery

Simple, fast and without intermediaries!

Our direct delivery service allows you to choose the precise moment when you wish to receive your panels or boards straight to your building site.
In addition, every piece will arrive cut-to-measure and each package will be pre-sorted and identified by section (wall or floor), significantly reducing your installation team’s preparation time.