Working with Hurtubise means being assured that your commercial, institutional or industrial construction project will be completed efficiently! To that end, we have created a wide range of services (standard and optional) to support you with all aspects of your project from its inception, to construction, and after its completion.

Electrostatic Powder Coating

In our effort to streamline production and simplify stakeholders’ lives, our facilities are equipped to both transform raw aluminum in panels and boards and apply one of the greenest and most versatile coatings on the market. Thanks to our new state-of-the-art factory, we can put an end to third party delays and ensure better quality controls since we take charge of the whole production!

The Greener Option

We use a solvent-free, VOC-free and chromium-free technique, which ranks amongst the most environmentally friendly on the market and is backed by an environmental statement. It provides an unparalleled hold and is certified AAMA 2604 and 2605.

Extended Useful Life

Being incredibly resistant to both abrasions and harsh weather conditions powder coatings add an extra protective layer to your building envelope. With a warranty going up to 30 years, this eco-friendly solution allows your projects to look its best over several decades!

Customizable Colours

Whether you are looking for an anodized look, a special effect or simply partial to precise handpicked colour charts, our partners customize their powders to fit any colour and texture. Your wish is our command!